About Us

Q&A with Kaiden Matera,
Founder of Hunters and Drifters.

How did you get started with Hunters and Drifters?
KM: My friends would ask me what I got up to on the weekends, so I started showing them videos of my various adventures. They loved it and encouraged me to do more of it. Creating good content for people to watch quickly became a passion. Branching out into offering good quality products came a bit later, but it’s a natural fit.
How would you describe yourself?

KM: I’m pretty mellow, easy going but slightly hyperactive. I basically live and breathe all things ocean and diving.

What does the perfect dive day for Kaiden Matera look like?

KM: I love heading out in glassy conditions when the vis is lining up and I know I’m heading out with mates to have a good day and go diving. The best part is when you arrive to the first spot after a sleepless night and so much anticipation and the vis is just elite. You know it is going to be a good day. You have an awesome day, probably get sunburnt on the way home, have a few coke zero’s, everyone gets a few good fish to take home and everyone talks about the day for weeks to come. That’s my perfect dive day!

How do you feel about sustainability?

KM: It’s a bit of a cliché but I believe it’s important we don’t take things for granted, and always hunt and fish for the future. It’s not ok to be greedy. I want our resources to be around for many years to come.

Are there any adventures still on your ‘bucket list’?

KM: I have a heap of adventures that are still on my bucketlist. A few of them  include:

A trip that involves shooting a dogtooth tuna ( Christmas Island trip or Scott Reef trip)

Ticking a heap of species off my list with the straighthook including a Pink Snapper, 10kg Dhufish, Mahi Mahi, 10kg Green Job Fish and obviously a Doggy.

I really want to keep camping around WA and surf cool waves and shoot cool fish, no real specific trips on the agenda at the moment though.

Can you tell us something you have learned since embarking on your Hunters and Drifters journey?

KM: Jeez, I could talk about this for a while. I have learned how to dive better, shoot fish, how to fillet, how to film, how to edit and how to spend lots of money on un-necessary things. I suppose the biggest thing I have learned is the fact that my best friends and my family all laughed at me when I was excited that I had 40 subscribers. People told me I shouldn’t waste my time and that I was just trying to copy people who were already famous. The truth is in life people will knock you back all the time and say that you can’t do something or you shouldn’t do something, but it is up to you whether you want to listen to them or you want to give something a go and put your heart and soul into it. I still annoy my mates and my girlfriend to this day by always trying to film things and not living in the moment but its something I want to do, the lifestyle I have chosen and something I enjoy doing. Essentially, I have learned to just be myself, don’t worry what people think of you and don’t let people tell you what you can and can not do, if you want to do something, give it a crack and try your best to succeed!

What inspired your love of diving, fishing and adventuring?

KM:  I have been brought up to hunt my own food since I was a grommy and I have been out hunting with my dad and out   fishing with my stepdad ever since I was about 5 years old, probably goes a long way to shaping my love for the ocean and harvesting my own food sustainably. We have always owned boats in the family and I have had a massive fascination with boats and the ocean my whole life. I have always also been camping and adventuring up and down the coast and around the world since I was quite young aswell so naturally, as soon as I was old enough to drive I got a 4wd as my first car and started doing my own adventures.

What do you hope people get out of watching your videos?

KM: I hope that my adventures give people the chance to experience things they might not get to do otherwise. People tell me they feel connected to nature and they feel like they are out with me when they’re watching my content, even though they may be a world away.

Have you ever found yourself in any really dangerous or life-threatening situations?

KM: I suppose I have, but at the time, my adrenaline is running so high that I don’t think its life threatening or dangerous. Sharks stealing fish out of my hands and friends hands and swimming in like sharknadoes is pretty silly and dangerous. I suppose when we chose to jump into sharky water and shoot fish it is really dangerous but it’s a choice we make and I suppose we have to live with the consequences, thankfully nothing bad has happened yet.

What do you never leave for an adventure without?

KM: For me, It is my go pro and my batteries. If I don’t have my GoPro then I can’t film so I always need to take that with me. Actually my first thing might be Travalcalm, I always need that because I get so sick all the time! Probably Travacalm and then my GoPro!

Do you have any sponsors?

KM: I do, I do. Both my girlfriend Britta and I are lucky enough to be sponsored by Will from Aquagat Spearguns. Will is the owner of an amazing speargun company in Sydney that creates Bespoke spearguns and reels that are completely customizable and Wills work just screams passion and innovation. Wills spearguns ooze precision, power, functionality and flair and that is why I am proud use them and put them to the test in the harshest conditions I can find. You can check Wills guns out on instagram at @aquagat.speargun.art or on his website at aquagat.com. Thanks for the continued support Will!